The Ultimate Steps to Make Your Perfect Shot of Espresso

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Hello Everyone! This decade has not started the way anyone ever would’ve ever wanted to, but this is no reason for us to despair. In the spirit of making the most of our time during these pandemic times, I have created this simple list following which you can brew yourself an excellent cup of espresso!

Before proceeding further, it is pertinent that you have your espresso machine and the coffee beans readily at your disposal. If you don’t know which machine suits you best, or which coffee beans you should buy, perhaps you should read the following articles:

Without further ado! Let’s share our secret that will help you make the perfect cup of coffee! So let’s go ahead and make the perfect espresso!

Step 1: Take out the porta filter then we purge out the water


We do that to make sure that there’s no residual coffee left in the pipes from a previous brewing. If there is, and it isn’t purged out, then this is going to spoil the flavour, and that’s why it’s always a good practice to purge your coffee machine prior to a second round.

Step 2: Grind coffee in a tub


So once you have your coffee grinder, it’s supposed to have two different programs one for a single shot and one for a double shot.

Step 3: Level out the coffee beans by collapsing them.


So, grind your coffee into the basket when you grind you want to collapse it using your finger to level out the coffee and it gets distributed nicely into the basket

Step 4: Tamp


Once you’ve levelled your coffee, you need to tamp with somewhere around 20 pounds of pressure. To understand this, you shouldn’t be jumping down on it, just a nice gentle tap over it will do.

Step 5: Wipe any excess coffee away


Then you twist wipe out any of the coffee that’s up there on the surface

Step 6: Purge and Wipe


Before your pour yourself a cup of coffee, it’s a very good practice to ensure that you machine’s pipes are clean and wiped. This way all the residual coffee from previous uses comes out, and you don’t want to serve anyone a cup of coffee with previous coffee’s remains in the cup, it gives a bad taste.

Step 7: Plug a portafilter and immediately brew


Then we insert we always the portafilter back onto the machine and we brew immediately so that the coffee doesn’t get burned after being served through the portafilter. About the rate of extraction,  it should be nice and slow, the coffee shouldn’t be gushing out there.

Step 8: Stop after 25-30 seconds


Stop it after 25 to 30 seconds. A 25 – 30 second pour is optimum in most cases, and you can watch the crema settle beautifully over the cup. A rich and thick creamy top for sipping! That’s what espressos are all about!

Step 9: Analyze


Once you’ve poured and have your finished espresso, go ahead and analyze it! There are two different tests that once can do, first is the sugar test, this is something you should try when you’re configuring your machine settings. The way this test works is that you pour some sugar on top of the cream, and if the cream keeps it afloat, and doesn’t let it sink in immediately, it shows you have a great quality brew.

The other test is by taking a spoon and parting the crema in your cup with it, and if it comes back together, that signifies that you have great cup of espresso ready for next step.

Step 10: Stir the espresso to mix flavour


Last step is to stir the espresso to distribute our flavors in this espresso so that it tastes just as per expectations of the customers!

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